IoT Devices & System Development

Aethergy envisage low powered, smart networks of sensors and devices helping to make the world more sustainable by optimising processes, reducing waste and maximising efficiency through data and telemetry – Let us show you our vision.

The Internet of Things is still an abstract concept to many by in essence it means any discrete device connected via a network or the cloud. Home based devices are growing in popularity with devices such as doorbell cameras, smart bulbs and heating control systems like Nest.

The concepts can be applied to greatly improve the efficiency of many processes and industries where remote monitoring of many elements is required. Aethegry have the expertise to develop and deploy low powered networks of smart devices and develop the dashboard and tools to make sense of all of the data coming in.

Aethergy are seeking opportunities or partners to develop IoT devices and systems in industries including:

  • Plant and process control.
  • Herd monitoring.
  • Agriculture.
  • Sports / Athlete telemetry.
  • Shipping and Distribution.
  • Wildlife and Environmental monitoring.
  • Road and traffic monitoring.
  • Water network monitoring.
  • Electrical network monitoring.

Contact Us today to discuss your concepts, ideas or needs of how the Internet of Things might be applied to your industry.