Innovation Services

Learn how to embed Innovation and Sustainability Engineering into your standard processes and how to transform existing products and processes through Innovation.

When developing a product or process, introducing change becomes exponentially more expensive, complex and risky the later the change is introduced. Therefore Sustainability should be engineered in from the start of development rather than tacked on at the end!

We understand that Innovation methodologies may not be embedded or familiar to all companies.

Aethergy can share our knowledge and experience to help inform, educate and embed Innovation and Sustainability into your company no matter the sector or industry. These concepts apply equally to a logistics company or a farm as they do to high-tech product developers.

Innovation and Sustainability Hothouse

Facilitate and lead focussed sessions for:

  • Early stage product development concept generation.
  • Innovation and Sustainability methodologies.
  • Concept process development or improvement.
  • Corporate transformation.
  • The concept of the session is to guide your team, quickly germinate ideas, produce models and quickly start focussing on the concepts that matter.

Innovation and Sustainability Training

Tailored sessions to inform and educate yourteam on methodologies and best practices.

Innovation and Sustainability Process Development

Aethergy can map and assess your current processes and procedures then develop bespoke process and procedure documentation in your company’s preferred format.