Aethergy Doughnut

Doughnut Economics is a concept proposed by Kate Raworth, Senior Visiting Research Associate, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University. It’s visually very helpful to describe a complex set of ideas and of course-

Doughnuts are yummy so we like it!

We’ve adopted the principal and applied it to Sustainability from a corporate perspective. The aim is meet the needs of the company; it’s staff, it’s owners and it’s customers, within the means of the planet. It shows a need for balance across multiple metrics, undershoot into the middle and the company will be unsustainable in some form, overshoot outside the doughnut and the company will negatively impact the environment and climate, not just locally but globally.

We don’t propose to score and quantify companies on the doughnut but propose it as a framework to help consider your company’s dependencies and contributions.