The Aethergy Philosophy

Good intentions and lots of ideas may pull in many directions – string these together coherently and you form a Philosophy to guide you.

The Aethergy team aren’t just doers – we’re thinkers! We’ve developed our own philosophy and models to capture our thoughts and approach to Sustainability and how to apply it in a realistic, pragmatic way to businesses and industries.

Aethergy Doughnut

Doughnut Economics is a concept proposed by Kate Raworth, Senior Visiting Research Associate, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University. It’s visually very helpful to describe a complex set of ideas and of course-

Doughnuts are yummy so we like it!


Sustainability Pathway

Sustainability will have a unique meaning to your business and Aethergy will help you explore and express what that is.


The Aethergy Workflow

Although no two companies, projects or products are the same, our experience has shown that the same basic steps and process works to bring fantastic results.

The Aethergy