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Aethergy will guide your company along it’s Sustainability journey by delivering Services and Solutions tailored for your business’s needs, goals and ambitions.

We understand no two companies are the same so we don’t try to apply the same generic services and solutions to all our customers. Aethergy was born out of innovation, we use our experience to listen, assess and propose the right support and innovation opportunities.

From desk-based, remote assessments through to bespoke system development and deployment, Aethergy will be your continuing partner in Sustainability and deliver the services that are right for your business.

Contact us today to discuss further, we’re keen to learn more about your business and it’s Sustainability goals.



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Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

What is Sustainability and why doe’s it matter?

Sustainability is an ever-evolving term and philosophy which refers to finding a balance where humanity can co-exist with the planet in an ongoing, sustainable manner

Approaches to achieving this can take many forms from individual lifestyle choices through to International Law and Climate Change Accords.

This can affect your business in multiple ways from consumer preferences to legal obligations.

The major driver of international and government focus is of course the Climate Crisis but there is much more to Sustainability including sustainability of resources and raw materials, of the company’s activities and the impact the company has on the local society around it.

What can Sustainability do for your business?

Aethergy will strive to educate you on what Sustainability means for your business, what is possible with current technology and what is right for your needs.

Sustainability need not be a corporate burden, it can bring many benefits for your company including cost reductions, product improvements, improved corporate image and can attract R&D funding to assist with Energy Innovation.

We’re thinkers and innovators at heart and have therefore developed frameworks to convey our interpretation of Sustainability and it’s application to modern businesses.