Micro energy harvesting devices

There’s a saying that ‘Every Little Helps’ – Millions of small reductions in energy usage will help to make a very big impact

‘Every Little Helps’ – This couldn’t be more true with respect to sustainability and the climate crisis, it may not feel like it every day as you try to live more consciously but every small improvement does help turn the tide on climate change.

It’s with that belief that we considered – If we can make a small difference to millions of devices – the result is a very big cumulative effect.

Therefore Aethergy is developing a range of Micro Energy Harvesting technologies and modules targeted at Smart and IoT devices. We intend to offer off-the-shelve Energy Harvesting and Battery charging modules to facilitate easy integration into devices by manufacturers and a variety of form factors including surface mount will be available.

We are developing multiple harvesting technologies as each Smart or IoT device’s application may make a particular energy form optimal for capture. E.g. thermal energy harvesting may suit a device mounted on a steam pipe while a sports telemetry device may capture the abundant kinetic energy it will experience.

If you have a specific need then Contact Us to discuss the development of a custom Micro Energy Harvesting solution for your application.

Potential Applications include:

  • Smart Watches
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Smart Phones
  • Plant and facilities monitoring sensors
  • Sports / Athlete’s telemetry sensors
  • Vehicle and fleet telem etry sensors
  • Animal and herd monitoring devices
  • Child safety devices for theme parks, large visitor attractions and campsites
  • Pet Trackers

The ability for a sensor to self-power and not require power connection or periodic battery changes opens new possibilities for remote sensing and monitoring systems.

The more a plant or process can be monitored, the more efficient it can be, minimising energy wastage or facilitating optimal energy recapture or reuse.