Feasibility Studies

Some decisions can influence the success or failure of a major project, Sustainability, Energy supply and the application of novel technologies are our expertise; Aethergy can help guide your critical decision making with expert Feasibility Studies.

Aethergy’s Sustainability consultants can assist major civil, military, energy and infrastructure projects on the suitability and feasibility of Sustainability technologies and methodologies. We can provide solution studies where Aethergy help answer an open question or report on the feasibility of the customer’s identified option/s.

Examples of studies and projects which Aethergy can provide expert consultation on include:

Energy Infrastructure

  • Power Plants
  • Green Energy projects
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Tidal

Civic Programmes

  • Government and Council policy advisement
  • Carbon Capture, transport and storage projects
  • Housing developments
  • House design
  • Energy & Heating Solutions

Civil engineering

  • Land reclamation projects
  • Road, bridge and rail civil projects
  • Highrise and large building development projects
  • Mining and Gas operations
  • Site, city and national Waste Management