The Aethergy Workflow

Although no two companies, projects or products are the same, our experience has shown that the same basic steps and process works to bring fantastic results.

Key to success is establishing a good working relationship, we therefore pride ourselves on not only being extremely technically competent but also customer focussed, empathetic and agile.

The workflow will typically flow as follows:

Listen & Learn

When you first make contact our priority is to listen and learn from you, to understand your goals and ambitions, understand your business, it’s unique challenges and context. When we understand your company and your requirements well enough, we can then ideate and consider where Aethergy can add value, bring expertise and help drive innovation.

Propose & Refine

Clarity is key, Aethergy will deliver you a clear and concise proposal on the scope of works, the project or the product to be developed. This ensures that we have fully understood your requirements and that our offering is right for you. We’ll take the time to refine the proposal and offering with you to ensure it fully meets your needs and expectations.

Measure, Quantify & Baseline

Before change or improvements can be made Aethergy will rigorously quantify the current situation. Whether that is assessing your utilities and energy supply, mapping the a manufacturing process, obtaining plant control telemetry, quantifying a supply chain or a product’s carbon foot print; the intent is the same, to establish a solid baseline of the current situation.This is key to assess potential solutions against and to quantify improvements made.

Ideation & Solution Generation

Once the problem space is fully understood then we can apply our engineering skill and our creative innovation to generate ideas, concepts and solutions. We’ll refine these solutions, perform modelling, simulation, prototyping and testing as necessary to arrive at our solution proposal. The process may not be as linear as suggested, we have extensive experience working in Agile environments and workflows and can support agile development where suited or preferred.